Seller, Buyer Large Recruitment!!

If you would like to participate, please apply in advance.
It is limited to those who have an antique dealer license.
In addition, at the time of member registration, recommendation of one existing member is necessary.

Kobe Auction Market
Terms of Use and Disclaimer


The Kobe Auction Market (hereinafter referred to as KAM) is operated and operated by an individual with an antique dealer license or a pre-registered company by a corporation.


For pre-registration, the admission fee is 10,000 yen and the participation fee is 1,000 yen.


At least one person must be recommended for at least 3 months after KAM registration, and the registration is decided at the discretion of the meeting owner


The KAM will be held every Thursday, and the event will generally start at 10 o'clock.


KAM change will be 10% at the time of sale and 5% at the time of purchase, and will be settled on the day.


All buying and selling in the market shall be auction sale, and individual buying and selling or rigging shall be prohibited.


Delivery of sales products is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm outside the market holding date.


Delivery on the market day will be until 9 am.


Slippers and sandals are not allowed on the day of delivery to prevent accidents.


The decision on trading is left to the competitor.


As a rule, the settlement of the purchase price will be settled on the day, and the settlement of the sales price will be settled at any time after the market ends on the day.


Trading products are those that are against the law. Objects against public order and morals, and at the discretion of the owner.


Delivery, display, and display of sales items shall be KAM's designated method.


As a rule, the goods of sale establishment are things of the day out. If it is difficult on the day, take it out within 3 days after confirming the agreement.


KAM assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss of the product in the market.


Product returns are reported to KAM within 2 weeks and completed.

About refund of trading value


Seller processing · (Product price 10,000 yen) + (Buy 500 yen change) + Consumption tax 40 yen

→ A total of 10,540 yen will be returned to the buyer.


In the special case of trading, transfer fee will be borne by the buyer / seller when settlement occurs later.


Alcoholic drinking in the market is strictly prohibited.


Troubles in the market depend on the judgment of the meeting owner.


Photography, video recording, and taking carts inside the market are prohibited.


At the discretion of the owner, they can unilaterally cancel membership registration and can not make any allegations.